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web designAll local businesses, from plumbers & builders to florists & accountants can improve their business and make more money through a paid Advertising campaign on Google Ads. The New York Times calls Google Ads, ..the most effective form of advertising ever developed.” Spiral Cities Marketing offers local SEM and SEO consultancy and execution to help local businesses.

What is local SEM with Google Ads?

Our local Google Ads are highly effective forms of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to instantly promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking to purchase from for your type of business.

Over 70 million local customers use Google every day to find the best local businesses in their area.

Our specially designed local Google Ads campaigns remove the guesswork from local marketing. It’s not like dropping leaflets in a mailbox or putting an ad in a local paper which may or may not be seen by someone interested in your service. Our local campaigns target local customers when they’re looking to buy your service – when they need your service and they’re ready to buy it.

And those new customers aren’t just online customers, they’re ‘real customers’ that are more valuable than walk-ins. They have demonstrated a willingness to search and chose you . Local online marketing promotes your business (your name, your services, address, phone number…) not just your website. So your new customers will call you or walk through your front door not simply visit your website.

10 reasons why our Google Ads campaigns will help attract new customers

  1. Local customers are switching to the internet at an exponential rate to find local businesses 64% of local customers use online search engines and directories as their main way to find local business; only 28% of people use old paper directories as their preferred source of local information.
  2. The number of online searches for local businesses is up 58% In 2008/09 the number of ‘local searches’ (i.e. a search that included a location in it) grew by 58%. This was more than double the growth in general search volumes meaning that more & more people are looking for local information & businesses via search engines like Google.
  3. Local search marketing is highly targeted & timely.Using local search engines & online directories promotes your business to local customers at exactly the point that they’re looking for your business. There’s no better time to connect with a potential customer then when they really need you.
    Highest conversion levels of all local advertising channels.
  4. Local online marketing has higher conversion rates than other, traditional advertising options – up to 50% conversion on some directories. That means that you’ll convert 1 in 2 leads into an actual customer.
  5. Mobile internet usage growth. More and more local customers use mobile phones and mobile ‘apps’ to find best local business while they’re walking around. Local SEM and SEO covers both PC & mobile internet access meaning you never miss out on a potential customer.
  6. Great return on investment. Unlike other advertising (e.g. local papers, leaflets etc…) with local SEM and SEO there is little wasted exposure. You reach potential customers when they need you not when they don’t. This makes local SEM and SEO both efficient and cost-effective.
  7. Less than 20% of businesses have claimed their Google Places local listings.
  8. Most local businesses haven’t got to grips with online marketing yet. That leaves the door open for you to get a head start before your competitors wise-up and it gets more competitive. Strike while the iron’s hot.
  9. Local newspaper readership is in massive decline, down 40-80%. Fewer & fewer people are reading local newspapers.Recent figures show some local newspapers have lost 80% of their readership in the last 20 years. Why? Because local people are turning to the internet for their local news as well as to find the best local businesses & local deals.
    70% of local consumers trust online business reviews
  10. Word of mouth is a major factor in the success of local businesses. Get your trusted customers to review your business online and attract hundreds of new customers.

These trends are strong now and they’re only going to get stronger and more significant in the future. Now is the time for you to take advantage of local search engine optimization and boost your business before your competitors boost theirs.


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