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So, Spiral Cities Finally Relaunched Their Blog

So we finally started one. The Spiral Cities blog, your resource for all things marketing, is here.

If I had to name the most powerful Internet Marketing tool in the competitive business arena, the answer is simple. There isn’t one. It’s not any one strategy, inspiring tweets, or even a bank account brimming with marketing dollars waiting to be purposed. It’s not SEO, SEM or Social Media. There are tricks, hot trends and insider scoops; but, most don’t stand the test of time. What you really need is solid knowledge – solid marketing.

Truly, knowledge is power; and, that is why we have created this blog.  You need to fully understand what the options are, which ones are best for YOUR business, and how to use the data they provide for continued success.

We want business people to “get” the power of the Internet, see the scams a mile away, and ultimately succeed in reaching the right audience with the right message.  Without knowledge, even deep pockets are quickly emptied with little or no return.

Spiral Cities is not only committed to working for a positive return for our customers, we are also on a mission of education…both ours and yours. Google the topics if you must, but many of the tips and explanations you are looking for might just be found here – and we will always be straight or we won’t say it. You will know if it is opinion or the current gospel. Come back often!

We wish you great success in 2012 and beyond!