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They Sometimes Forget It's About Marketing Too

A funny thing happened on the way to this blog.  I was going to write about one thing, but I noticed a key thing missing from most websites and ad campaigns. It’s simple – really. I really zero in on it probably due to my marketing background (that began with a major award in high school) and an MBA long before I really got involved in Internet Marketing (SEO and SEM).  On a daily basis, I devour television commercials, see newspaper and magazine ads as well as billboards and I can blow holes in them based on marketing fundamentals. Even reading the average business taglines/slogans I come across every day sends me in internal fits. The same can be true when it comes to many, many companies and their Internet websites and presence. It seems  sometimes Internet pros forget the marketing part.

When starting a website, marketing fundamentals must be involved. When you start to advertise your site it is too late to start thinking about marketing. Yes it might work, but you have made your job much, much harder. Would you believe I came across a company recently that had  name (I won’t say the real one).   Mybusiness.com, but that wasn’t even their website address! Their website was something incomprehensible and not even related.  Did they stop to think that whoever does have that address just got some free advertising? Can Mybusiness.com succeed? Yes, they can…  but it’s gonna be hard.

If you want your online marketing and advertising campaigns to succeed beyond your wildest dreams, make your business advertise for you, 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week. You will find that customers will come easily of you run your business right. Start with the name of your website, make it work for you. For example, A hairstylist working a chair in an exclusive salon, didn’t choose to use her “business name” or her own name as her domain, she chose a name that works as keyword and search bait. The dunwoodyhair.com site is bringing her lots of traffic. That’s an example of marketing from the bottom up. Pick your name right, write your website copy with marketing in mind, pick a tagline that works for YOU (not for your industry), and follow through with a strong marketing and advertising campaign. It’s marketing basics and it works both online and offline.  When it comes to internet advertising, this is critical and is most likely the difference in making money or losing money.