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Internet Advertising/ Marketing Agency Commission Only Sales Consultant

Our fast growing 16 year-old Internet Marketing agency is looking for a new sales rep in the Atlanta area. **This is commission only**. We aren’t looking for a technical sales person, but rather someone who can educate business owners on the importance of having an effective website, being found on Google (with the right message) and how and why we are the best choice to get them there. The beauty is, most will know they need to be there; so after you educate, your job is almost done!

Only 20% of businesses in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia use Internet Marketing. The other 80% are blowing their ad budgets on outmoded advertising (print, radio, TV, yellow pages), simply because no one is there to show them how to get online traffic into their business!

That’s where we (or you) step in.

We are a total web marketing firm. We offer our clients much more than just SEO. We cover their entire web presence: website design, web development, social media, paid search, SEO and graphic design. This creates an awesome opportunity to truly help businesses, and make a good living while doing it. We have everything they need!

Once businesses realize they are missing out on thousands of local online searches for their type of product or service — while their competition is being found through those same searches — it’s an easy sale, and we pay big commissions.

This job doesn’t require you to hard-sell what the client doesn’t need. The Internet Marketing consultants we hire all share the same two traits: the ability to educate, and the desire to sincerely help businesses better their web presence. As a commission-only job, you are rewarded for running hard and smart. The good news is, we offer a rich commission structure, and pay quickly and in full because we feel sales reps are the heart of the company. We offer great free training, effective sales tools and methods, and the coolest boss in the world.

We prefer those that have sales and marketing experience (or studied it in college) and don’t mind getting in front of people. Most important to us though, is that you’re interested in being a sincere educator and consultant. This is not a telemarketing job. Phones just don’t cut through the clutter most of the time. We need people who can hustle, and are not afraid to talk and listen. You must be a great listener, as we don’t believe in providing solutions until we understand the problem.

This also is not MLM. You don’t have to pay or “invest” as some companies say, and you don’t recruit. Just educate our clients, and sell our Internet Marketing services.

7 Sided Cube has clients all over the US, and is growing fast! Our company has caught fire, quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in small-business online advertising; and, we’re looking for talented, hard-working people like you to come along and enjoy the ride…bringing Internet Marketing success to our portion of the millions of small businesses in the US.

Finding clients is exceptionally easy, like hitting the broad side of a barn. Sales positions are commission only independent contractor positions; and, while we don’t dictate your hours, you will have to put in the time and hard work any job requires to be successful. In return, you will get paid well!

Internet Advertising/ Marketing and Office Assistant

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Internet Advertising/ National Sales Manager

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7 Sided Cube LLC is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity employer. All employment offers are contingent upon an applicant successfully completing screenings.