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Why It’s Okay That You May Never See Your PPC Ad

At the request of a soldier in the trenches (I’m talking the sales trenches, not Afghanistan), I am writing an entire blog on why an advertiser in Google may never see their own ad and how that really doesn’t matter. Of course, there’s more than just the few reasons I am listing… but really, do any of them really matter?

There are many technological reasons that you may never see your ad. Here are a few:

  • IP Addresses – You IP address has a history. Your search and click history determines what ads you see. If you regular see an ad and don’t click, Google stops serving it to you at that IP address. A compnay may share an IP address so the acts of many affect you.
  • Auction Based Environment – at any given moment bids may change moving you up and down. We adjust when necessary. There are no fixed prices or positions.
  • Rotational – Your ad may not show 100% of the eligible times based on your total budget and your competitors budget. A local insurance agent may spend $500 a month and State farm spends $18,000+ per day. The local agent won’t show as often as State farm. But they do show!
  • Personalized Search – On top of all of the above, Google givers personalized searches. You search history whether logged in to Google or with a cookie determines what each person sees.
  • No Longer Showing Ads You are Not Interested In – Quite simply, Google is not served if you don’t click. They do not get paid. Their answer is if you don’t click an ad, it’s not useful to the end user. So they stop showing you ads you don’t click on. Many people look at their own ads and don’t click to save their budget

This blog post, however, is all about the bigger reason and the most important thing to keep in mind – It’s okay if you never see you own PPC ad.

If you look at the Google stats and see 5000 impressions and you never saw the ad yourself, it really doesn’t matter – 5000 potential customer did see the ad. You advertise to promote your brand to prospective new customers and to reinforce the choices of existing customers. When your ad runs your target is to reach those advertisers. Looking for your ad regularly amounts to buying the newspaper every day and pouring through 50 pages to find your ad you contracted for a month… or listening to the radio ALL DAY, EVERY DAY to hear your ad.  Your Google PPC ad is probably closest to buying radio and having all day as your day-part. It does get seen/played… maybe just not when you were listening.

So basically it comes down to knowing that you are working with some of the most trusted companies in the world – Google, Facebook, Yahoo or whoever. So sit back, relax and make some money running your business and trust the experts you have put your Marketing faith into.